Exactly what To Look For When Buying Home Theater Systems

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These days, lots of homeowners are choosing to have their own home theater systems because of the many advantages these provide.

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Of course, as a consumer, you need to know that not all things in the market is worth your hard earned money. In an effort to find the very best home theater systems, you need to know what and what not to look for in the product. Several people have a tendency to merely buy the first home theater system they see, but the finish product had no where nearly met their expectations.

The Beginning Of Subwoofers

Surround Sound

Todays sub-woofers had there humble inceptions in the garage of a few entrepreneurial partners by the name of Arnold Nudell and Cary Christie, in the latter part of the 1960′s. Mr Nudell was inventor and Mr Christie an aviator . They started a business by the name of New Technology Enterprises, which later become renamed and rearranged as Infinity. The proto-type sub-woofer encasement was an 18 inch Cerwin Vega with the addition of a 2nd winding to send the signal to the housed amplifier . This initial unit sold for just below $1800 around 1967 and and at time was some 40 % more costly than its closest competitor , which then was a loud-speaker system. This initial enclosed bass sub-woofer device was called the Servo Statik 1.